Our cupcakes are baked fresh each day using fine, fresh ingredients
allowing you to taste the difference when baking from scratch.  
You'll find NO box mixes, NO ready-mixed tubs or tubed frosting,
NO fondant and NO imitation flavoring or shortening in our kitchen!

Each cupcake is topped with fresh Buttercream Frosting
Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Buttercream and Cream Cheese Icing
are available on preordered cupcakes and are an additional cost.
The Cupcake Cottage
Fort Worth, Texas
Since 2006

Copyright 2006 - 2013.  The Cupcake Cottage.  All rights reserved.
Almond Poppy Seed - pure almond extract, poppy seed & bits of almond nuts
Amaretto - basic white cake flavored with an amaretto liqueur
Apple Spice - natural, unsweetened applesauce, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, & allspice
Banana - freshly mashed bananas & vanilla
+ Blueberry - fresh blueberries added to a basic white cake
Cinnamon Chocolate - pure almond & vanilla extract, cinnamon with chocolate chips
Chai - bringing a popular spiced tea into a cupcake
+ Chocolate Gingerbread - chocolate cake with ginger and chocolate chips
Coconut - sweetened flaked coconut sprinkled in a basic white cake
Confetti - pure vanilla with rainbow sprinkles in the batter
          (we sprinkle holiday colors in the mix on those special dates!)
Cookies and Cream - crumbled Oreos in the cake...like the ice-cream!
Domino - chocolate cake with white chocolate chips mixed in
Double Chocolate - chocolate cake with chocolate chips in the cake
+ Egg Nog - egg nog, pure vanilla and a hint of rum
German Chocolate - traditional German chocolate cake, but we add flaked
coconut and chopped pecans to the batter and top it with our signature
Favorite Chocolate - an incredibly moist chocolate cake
Fiori di Sicilia - this extract is a blend of pure vanilla and citrus flavors,
a blend of flavor sometimes found in Italian baked goods
+ Holiday Spice - molasses, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice & raisins
* Key Lime - key lime zest along with freshly squeezed key lime juice
* Lemon - freshly squeezed lemon juice & lemon zest
Mint Chocolate Chip - chocolate cake with a hint of pure peppermint oil and
chocolate chips
Orange Chocolate Chip - orange zest along with pure orange oil with chocolate
chips sprinkled in the cake
+ Peach - freshly chopped Parker County or Texas grown peaches with a hint of
cinnamon and allspice
Peanut Butter Cup - chopped peanut butter cup candy in this basic vanilla cake
+ Peppermint Candy Cane - crushed candy canes in a basic white cake
Pina Colada - flaked coconut, crushed pineapple and a hint of rum
Pink Lemonade - yes! pink lemonade concentrate in this basic cake
* Pumpkin - pureed pumpkin, cream sherry, ground cinnamon, nutmeg & allspice
Red Velvet - this traditional recipe is dense, red and without a doubt our most
popular flavor!
* Strawberry - fresh pureed strawberries
Vanilla - pure vanilla
Vanilla Chocolate Chip - a vanilla cake with chocolate chips in the cake
Wedding Cake - pure almond, like a traditional wedding cake (formerly known
as Traditional White)

+ these flavors are seasonal and will appear during certain months of the year
* Note: availability of fresh ingredients may effect availability of these flavors
Need special colors for
your special day?  If we
can 'hit' the colors you
want without
compromising our
yummy, freshly mixed
butter-cream frosting,
then we will!
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