Frequently Asked
Are you a franchise?
No, we are a mom and pop cupcake bakery!  Mom does all the baking and Pop does all the icing.
Since our bakery has grown, we have since hired 2-3 part-time baking and frosting assistants.

What time do you get up and start baking in the morning?
Claudia usually wakes around 4:30 a.m. in order to arrive between 5:00 & 5:15 a.m. to begin

Do any of your cupcakes have trans fats?
No, there are no trans fats in our cupcakes.

Do you make sugar-free cupcakes? No  What about gluten free? No Vegan? Read below
Our cupcakes contain natural pure cane sugar.  Though we have many gluten free ingredients, we do
not bake with gluten free flour.  Our flour is unbleached, and unbromated, meaning there are no
added chemicals.  
We have many sugar conscience customers that monitor their sugar levels so carefully that they are
able to include a babycake or two as part of their diet for the day.

We realize how incredibly important it is for some to live by a diet restricting specific ingredients.  
For this reason, we do not feel qualified to guarantee a cupcake that meets this important need.

Your hours of operation are 10:00 until the last cupcake sells, why don’t you bake
more cupcakes to stay open later?
We want to maintain the quality of our cupcakes which means baking each and every cupcake from
scratch.  For now, we’ll keep this a two person operation and there are just so many hours we want to
be baking each day, so we limit our numbers in order to stay sane.  We usually have somewhere
between 300-400 cupcakes in our cases for walk-in customers each day.  That may not sound like a
lot, but when you add in the many preorders, the overall number we could be baking sometimes
reaches or exceeds a thousand cupcakes a day!  You can imagine that mom and pop can get pretty
tired after such a busy day.
Our added staff has allowed us to increase the number of preorders we take.  However, it is still
possible that we 'book' a date (especially Saturdays and holidays), so we recommend calling to order
the month prior to the month of your celebration.

I tried to call in and preorder, but you were booked.  Is there any other way to get
your cupcakes once you’ve booked a date?
Absolutely!  Once we book a date with preorders we suggest that you show up at our shop as close to
10:00 a.m. as possible to purchase from our cases.

I usually can’t get to your shop until later in the day, can I call and have you hold
Yes!  We do not, usually, pick up the phone before 10:00 a.m. because we are so busy baking, icing
and working on preorders.  You can call after 10:00 and we will strive to get to your call as soon as
possible.  We are happy to hold cupcakes for you.  If it’s more than a dozen we may ask for you to
give us payment at the time of your call.  We ask that you pick up your cupcakes by or before 4:00.

When you sell your last cupcake you get to go home, right?
We wish it were as simple as that!   Actually, when we sell that last cupcake we continue with
sweeping, mopping, paying bills, cleaning counters, calling back customers, updating preorder
information, etc.
We just laugh a bit when asked this question because there are always tiny tasks that need to be
tended to in order to run a successful business.

Do you deliver?  
We are always willing to consider delivering our cupcakes to limited neighboring addresses.  Price
and location of delivery is considered with each request.  Please call or email us regarding

What do you do with cupcakes that are not sold by the end of the day?
We strive to have as little waste as possible each and every day.  Once in a while we do have days
where we do not sell out completely.  If only a few cupcakes remain in our case at 4:00 p.m. (we do
not stay open past 4:00 p.m. / 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays) we may just take them home for the family.  
In the event we have quite a few cupcakes left we have a few non-profit organizations in Fort Worth
that welcome any surplus.

I want to serve your cupcakes on a day you are closed, can I buy the cupcakes ahead
of time and freeze them?
I’m sorry we are not open the day of your event so you can serve our cupcakes fresh.  We never
recommend storing them in the fridge or freezer which tends to dry out the cake.  Having said that,
once our cupcakes are purchased they are at the mercy…I mean, in the care of the customer who is
welcome to experiment with storing them for later.  It is our greatest hope, however, that hosts and
hostesses will strive to serve our cupcakes the day they are purchased so guests experience them at
their finest!  
Over the years we have had many customers tell us that they will wrap and freeze our cupcakes to
eat them in a future date.  We once had a customer that was unable to pick an order up due to a
family emergency and they asked us to freeze the box of 12 standards for them to pick up at a later
date.  We did just that: wrapped the pink box with plastic food wrap and set the box on a wire rack in
the freezer.  When a month passed and the cupcakes were obviously not going to be picked up, we
set them out, unwrapped them and found them to be in very good (and yummy) shape!  Freezing is a
practice you may want to try.

What's the best way to store my cupcakes?
We recommend storing your cupcakes in an air-tight container at room temperature.  Plastic
containers, covered cake stands or just wrapping your box up with plastic wrap work well.  We do
not suggest putting them in the fridge as this will dry out the cake.  (and)  Remember, because we
keep preservatives and additives out of our product the cupcakes will behave naturally and are best
the day they are baked.

What, exactly, does it mean to bake from scratch?  
In a world of box mixes, tubs and cans of ready-made icing, and tubes of frozen batter, baking from
scratch is an experience many folks have missed!   When you bake from scratch you are bringing
together each and every individual ingredient such as flour, sugars, leveling agents, salt, spices,
extracts, eggs, and fresh fruits to create a fine cake.  Equally important, when baking from scratch
you leave out additives, preservatives and modern day chemicals that are added to many processed
foods.  This means that our cupcakes are best the day they are baked.  They are fine to eat a day or
two later, but because they are going to 'behave' naturally they will not have the long shelf life of
processed food products. This is a time-consuming process but the result is an amazing, fresh tasting
cake, or in our case, CUPCAKE!  
We refuse to compromise this 'slow cook' / baked from scratch practice.  =)

Don't all bakeries bake their goods from scratch?
No.  In fact, many bakeries today will bake from premixes which saves them time and money.  
Hopefully they at least bake their goods fresh daily.  Some establishments will bake and freeze goods
in order to offer a higher volume of goods.  It's just the direction many bakeries may take in order to
serve more customers.  A real 'tell-tell' sign of freshly baked goods is a lingering aroma when you
enter the shop.  mmmm....

Do you make cupcake cakes with cupcakes pushed together to make it look like one
regular cake?
No, we do not make cupcake cakes or regular cakes.  Instead our customers are very excited to
offer their guests their very own, yummy cupcake!  No knives or forks needed with a cupcake.  We
are more than happy to consider topping cupcakes with requested colors of icing which allows you
to present these tiny treats on cake tiers, plates and platters.  We encourage you to use your
imagination with your presentations.  It's all about presentation and great taste!

Do you ship your cupcakes?
Sorry, we do not ship our cupcakes.

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