About Us
As many of you are aware, and some aren’t, The Cupcake Cottage is under new ownership.  Sandra and
Juaquin Bradshaw have sold their lovely little cupcake bakery to my husband and me, Claudia and
Chandler Clark.

Rest assured that we love and cherish the vision that Sandra and Juaquin had for The Cupcake Cottage
and are making the same great cupcakes you have come to know and love over the years.  We are using
the same recipes, the same fine, fresh ingredients, and the same baking techniques to maintain a high
quality “from scratch” product.   Please stop in to enjoy your favorite flavor and say Hi.  I look forward
to meeting and getting to know all of our wonderful customers.

To give you a little history about me, I have a background in microbiology and gave that up nine years
ago to be a stay-at-home mom.  I now have two wonderful boys that you may see at the bakery from time
to time when you come by.

Now that our boys have gotten older and our youngest is getting closer to school age we started
pondering when or if I should return to work.

I had long thought of owning my own business.  My mother had her own restaurant in Dallas briefly
when I was a child that I worked part-time in as a hostess and waitress.  I have had many ideas (or hair
brained schemes as Chandler would say) for possible businesses but none that I felt fully confident in.

My husband and I heard about the bakery for sale from Sandra’s brother earlier this year and we decided
to go by one Saturday to check it out.  We live in Arlington so we didn’t make it to the west side of Fort
Worth very often.  We walked in and saw how quaint and wonderful the little cupcake “cottage” actually
was.  We also tasted the few cupcakes they had left for that day and saw just how wonderful this little
bakery is.

We spent a few weeks discussing it and then decided to meet with the Bradshaws to actually see if we
could make it happen.  After several months of due diligence, discussions, and work, we finally took over
the bakery on October 1, 2012.

I know that many of you became friends with the Bradshaws over the years. You should know that they
are not completely gone.  They have fulfilled their dream to move to the country just outside the DFW
Metroplex.  To read a farewell from Sandra and get new contact info for her, click the link below to her
Change Happens!
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